Projects for PhD Students/Senior system programmers

PhD Students can work as interns in our R&D projects

Who you should not be?

If you don't have more than 3+ years of industry exp in C programming, or If you just want a quick training for a quick job, we are a wrong place to be .If you don't have a love/passion for computer science , you are in a wrong place.

Who you should be?

Brilliant software engineers with 2+ yrs of exp with software development in C , having a regular job, but wanting re-invent themselves as a much better engineer/technologist around system/networking software.

Who we are not ?

We are not a profit-making , commercial training center!! Please don't talk business to us.

Who we are ?

We are a one-of-a-kind, not-for-profit research center, incubating computer scientists for tech india. We charge you a nominal fee, only to recover the expenses involved.(not to make a profit).Netdiox is founded by a passionate technologists, who enjoy guiding brilliant software engineers in developing new technologies on his spare time(week ends).He guides all of our research students.

What we offer ?

We offer a comprehensive education on Linux kernels or TCP/IP stack and then guide you on a research projects(industry first technologies), which will be released as open source software, so that you gain a fine understanding/experience on the subject.

What we will be ?

NetDiox has been, and will be a not-for-profit( we only charge you for the expenses involved, not for making a profit) research center, functioning as the incubation center of computer scientists for tech India !! If you are looking for a job as a C /Kernel/network programmer, visit

Interested ? mail to with your resume and cover letter.

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